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Grilled cheese sandwich

-soooo good you want them to last 4ever !.

I love to eat a good, decent meal. And let me tell you, this was AMAZING! . This is what you'll need; . Organic, wholegrain ancient spelt bread Organic ketchup without sugar Mustard Himalayan salt Freshly grinded pepper Fresh oregano leaves Firm, white goat milk cheese, from happy goats. A bunch of spinach leaves Chopped red onion Local, farmers butter on the outside for a crunchy finish . Place them together, and toast them in a sandwich toaster. . I also added avocado, cherry tomatoes, and radish microgreens to my plate. Perfect 👍😊 . I hope you know it's okay to eat intuitively. I mean, enjoy life, enjoy food. Don't starve yourself. Just do everything with common sense, and have a sense of how much you take in and how much you use. Keeping everything in a perfect balance. I fully enjoy what I feel is right in the moment. So for lunch it was these amazing grilled sandwiches.

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