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Super-bites. A healthy dessert on a Weekday

These super-bites are sooo delicious, easy to make and actually good for you. Today I mixed Dates Gluten-free oats Raw cacao Super green powder Coconut oil Water Just mix everything up in a food processor until a smooth consistency. Make small balls and roll them in shredded coconut. I prefer serving them cold, so put them on the fridge or freezer. In my house half of them however disappear before they get in the fridge.... Spring is here, and I love when the branches on the trees are starting to pop out. Just needed to take some of them home today as we are tonight moving into equinox and the full moon. It's a time for reflection, letting go of the winter and all of it's heavy weight. Spring is here, and we can step into the light, sun and the warmth. . Be safe, stay well, and enjoy. Much love x

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