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Have you tried eating healthy, but everything out there is just too confusing?

Maybe you are in a situation where you need to follow a specific diet? 


With this online consultation, we will schedule an appointment and meet on a digital platform. I can assist you with;
- modifying your favorite recipes to fit a low carb lifestyle of your need
- questions you might have in regards to ingredients, specific food, and recipes for it to fit your new lifestyle.
- cooking together! Maybe you need assistance in the kitchen while we cook the same meal with ease, flow, and stressfree. 


The consultations can be either in norwegian or english.


Modifying your diet can be stressful and might feel overwhelming.

Or maybe you are just too busy to take the time to put everything together? 


I`m here to assist you by making this into a fun and enjoyable journey.


For 20 years, food, nutrition, and well-being have been a passion of mine. I`ve created recipe hacks and studied how to have a healthy lifestyle without food stress. And now, I`m here to share all my knowledge with you. 


What we want is for you to get results!  The consultation is therefore all about your needs. We will do a scheduled phone or video call, whatever makes you most comfortable. This is your time to get clarity on how to rock your new lifestyle. 


If this is for you, send me a message, and let`s see how we can work together. 


You got this!
Much love

Private consultation - 30 min

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