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Hi, I`m Nina

Health- & Nutrition coach, recipe hacker, mom, lifestyle- & fitness enthusiast.


For over a decade I`ve had the vision to bring awareness around simple, healthy food, and how to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I`ve been collecting experiences, hacks, and results, and now I`m honored to help you achieve the same.

I believe working on the totality of the body is when we truly start to live the life of our true potential. Transforming the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. My mission is to help exactly you to love your body, mind, and soul.

My own journey...

...has for sure been developing on a graduate scale.
Joy for food started as a child. I loved joining my mother in the kitchen. She always cooked from scratch, teaching me all the basics of cooking. I am so deeply honored and grateful for the amazing foundation I got from her.

Awareness around food in a complete other turn started however in a time where I developed bulimia which then turned into anorexia. This led to anxiety, depression, and no self-love. All my psychological issues then turned into physical issues such as dizziness, fainting, and digestive problems.

I came to a turning point after meeting the father of my children. With the amazing technologies of the Health Optimizing group my life changed. 
I began focusing on 3 keys to maintain an optimized lifestyle:
Healthy food, exercise, and a healing mindset.
These 3 keys are now the foundation of all that I do.
Combined with core values of gratitude, compassion, and kindness - it`s powerful!

I believe in living a life without food stress.
Instead, make it a habit to be conscious. Choose healthy food, real ingredients, do some hacks and make simple recipes. No need for crash diets.
Just become a habit builder.

Fueling your body with an optimized combination of nutrition,
variation of ingredients and making you feel energized and feel amazing!

Let`s create a community with amazing, like-minded minds on the same journey! Connect by signing up on my mailing list, and stay connected on IG & FB.
We can make a global change together.

Much love,

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