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A juice to Kickstart your day

This amazing juice has some amazing components. Really getting you hydrated, filled with amazing nutrients and starting a bit of a detox. Want to feel your every cell tingle - oh yes! 1.Find your juicer. 2.Pre-wash your veggies 3.Juice 4.Enjoy.

I used: 1 bunch celery. Cut away the stem 1 green apple. Cut away the core 1 lemon. Peel it 1/3 fennel

Ps. If you prefer, you can switch out the fennel. Instead add 1 bunch of parsley and an inch of ginger.

Have a wonderful day.

These days I'm creating more content and freebies regarding healthy, easy cooking. I love to combine food in such way, giving you a lot of nutrients, a variety of eating habits, and without complicating it.

My vision is to contribute making the world healthier. Inspire and encourage healthy, easy, tasty and fun cooking. To empower that everyone truly deserve healthy food. Being a trusted voice for healthy cooking, creating a Global change.

I would love to hear from you, and to be of service. What is the most common question you ask yourself in regards of healthy cooking?

Much love, and enjoy your day. X

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