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Juice in a jar.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Need a fast vitamin boost while heading out? Grab your greens, and get it juicy!.

The sun is out and I got my greens at arms reach.

Just juice it up, grab your jar, and head out. Taste like sunshine in a jar, with a kick of detox. I'll say just about perfect!


2 green apples. 1 bunch of celery. 1 small or medium-sized cucumber. 1 small lemon. 1 inch ginger.

Prep your ingredients by washing them, cut away as little as possible, and juice them in your juicer.

Are you heading out to play? This is sure to boost you up for just about any activity, it's packed with amazing nutrients. And if it's warm where you are, well this is a good source of hydration in combination with water.

Be safe, stay healthy, and juice your greens.


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