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Creamy detox smoothie

This has so many yummy, and detoxifying ingredients, sure to get your taste buds, and body tingling.

I was feeling the craving this morning to have some leftovers from our pizza night. And even if it`s a healthy pizza, it`s not something to eat to much of. And this goes for everything. You need a variation in your diet.

So, after a pizza night, and with my cravings, I wnated to see what I had in my cupboard that could fulfill my needs of kickstarting a detox and still be yummy.

Turns out – this smoothie was perfect!


1 bunch of celery – juice it in your slow juicer to get most nutrients out

Add the juice in your blender and add the following;

½ avocado

¼ fennel

½ banana

¼ green apple

1 stalk of fresh turmeric

Juice of 1 lime

Enjoy, and bon appetite!


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