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Chiapudding with fresh mango & roasted pumpkin seeds

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Morning bliss in a bowl - hello sunshine! Chiapudding, fresh mango, roasted pumpkin seeds and a cup warm matcha - oh yes

Eating healthy is about choosing over and over again. With every meal. With every bite. To choose the meal that fill you with joy- inside and outside. And with every choice it gets easier, and we create a positive habit. You see life, and positive results boils down to good habits. In every area of our lifes. And consistency will eventually pay off.

This meals is something I love after a workout session. It has a perfect balance between protein, vitamins, minerals and everything you'll need.

I already posted the recipe for chiapudding. But basicly just mix 200gram coconut milk with 2 tbs of chiaseeds. Let it sit for about half an hour, so the seeds will create a thickness. Then I used a half of a big mango, and some 3tbs of roasted pumpkin seeds with some Himalayan salt. And a cup of Matcha, which is basicly just 1 tsp Matcha powder and hot water. If you're not yet drinking Matcha - I must say, get some today. Seriously, it's such a treat for your body.

There u go.

Easy and delicious.

It's sunshine and so nice here today, so sending u so much love and light!

Enjoy x

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