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4 layer, vegan, healthy, yummy cake

This is a creamy, healthy, non-bake and tasty cake. Just amazing. It`s filling, without giving you the feeling of being stuffed.

It`s a bit of a process to make it, but in return you store this in your freezer and can enjoy it for several weeks if you like.

4-layer vegan, chocolate cake

Use a round springform pan with a diameter of 24 cm



1,5 dl sunflower seeds 1 dl shredded coconut 2 dl gluten-free oats 150 g dates 2 tbsp cacao powder 4 tbsp melted extra virgin coconut oil ¼ tsp Himalayan salt


Add non-stick paper into your springform. Melt the coconut oil Add all the ingredients into a food processor and mix until a smooth batter Pour it into the springform and press firmly down. Take it into the freezer, or just the fridge while making the next layer



4,5 dl coconut-milk or another plant-based milk. 3 tbsp sukrin powder sugar ½ tsp vanilla sugar or 1/3 tsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp maizena 1/8 tsp turmeric


Add all the ingredients into a casserole, let it simmer while frequently stirring. When the consistency has thickened it`s done. Cool down Then pour it into your springform over layer#1



3 medium avocadoes ½ tsp Himalayan salt 1 dl cacao powder 1 dl maple sirup 2 tsp freshly brewed coffee


Get a baking bowl and a hand mixer Peel the avocadoes and remove the stones. Add everything into the baking bowl and mix it into a super smooth mix with your hand blender. Add this smooth chocolate mousse over Layer#2. Just be careful when adding it. It should be a nice layer on top, and not mixed or pressed down. So be careful. If Layer#2 have had time to freeze a bit this will for sure be easier. But it back in the freezer/fridge.



120 g agave / maple sirup 60 g melted extra virgin coconut oil 60 g cacao powder


Melt the coconut oil, and whip in the other ingredients. Get your cake Pour the mix into a plastic cone, make a small hole Make a nice pattern over the entire top of the cake. I made a zigzag pattern.


Chopped goji berries hemp seeds

Garnish the cake with the topping.

Add a lid over the cake and put into your freezer. Freeze for at least 4 hours. Before serving it must be on the counter for 1 hour. If you eat it before Layer#2 will be not be optimal, so take this time to wait. It`s soooo worth it!

The cake has now been in my freezer for 2 weeks, and it`s still delicious.

Hope you`ll enjoy this as much as I do.

Stay safe, kind and humble. We are all in this together. xoxo

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