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Chiapudding with mango & salty granola

Make chiapudding by combining chia seeds and coconutmilk. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes. (Overnight is recommended if you plan ahead). Meanwhile, have mango in a food processor and stir it up into wanted consistency. I like it quite smooth, but with some small chunks still there. Now mix it together with the pudding. Combine the chiapudding with some salty, homemade granola.

Recipe for the granola I had here is a bit different from the previouse I posted: (

Today`s granola is made from

- glutenfree oats

- almond flour - walnuts - sunflower seeds - pumpkin seeds - flax seeds - coconut shred - Molkosan (on the oats to digest it better) - Agave nectar - coconut oil - Himalyan salt.

Just mix everything, and put it in the oven. See the previous granola recipe for more instruction. Today I was overlooking the water, and so many different birds was there. I love being in nature. Different birds have now started coming back to Norway for the summer, and they are all hungry. I normally have something with me to feed them, but somehow didn't bring it today. A thought crossed my mind- knowing a solution would appear. And 2 minutes later, out of nowhere, a woman and her dog walked by. She brought food for the birds, but said she couldn't feed them because the dog would scare them, so she asked me to feed the birds instead. I of course thanked her, and gave the birds their breakfast.

It's just interesting how fast manifestation can work, and in all shapes and forms. Be open to receive, and to be of service with gratitude and from a place of love. You never know which door that all of the sudden will open... . 

Much love.  x

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