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Coconut pineapple chiapudding

A taste of summer 1 box creamy coconutmilk 2 tbs chiaseeds 1 box of pineapple in its own juice. (Avoid the ones with sugar water....) 1 inch grated ginger Can also add a drizzle of Himalayan salt if your taste buds like it. Take the box of pineapple in a blender and mix it to a liquid. Then just mix everything together and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. . It's wonderful for both the looks and the taste to garnish it with more grated ginger and some chopped pistachios.

This dish is perfect as in between meals, or as a post-workout session. Beside being delicious, pineapple has so many impressive health benefits. In this cold season it's perfect for its high level of vitamins, and especially vitamin C. It's also loaded with lots of antioxidants. It's the beginning of the week, so let's spread some love. Just smiling to someone at the bus or in the elevator can make a positive change in someone's life. Open your heart and mind and increase the vibration all around us. . Much love. x . #gratitude #appreciate #spring #summerfeeling #pineapple #love #chiapudding #healthycooking #coldseason #immunesystem #lawofattraction #organic #kickstarter #amazing #selflove

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