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Juicing - to boost energy, improve digestion, skin & get into positive habits

Are you looking for a way to get natural stamina, improve your digestion, keep you hydrated, get that natural glow, and provide your body with amazing building blocks? All while creating new positive habits?

Well, you are in the right place, so keep reading

Let`s keep it short and sweet and dive right in

What is juicing?

Juicing is one of the best ways to provide you with many nutrients in a short amount of time. This again has the ability to make you feel amazing!

It is super easy. All you need is a juicer, your ingredients, prep, and wash them.

With juicing we are pulling out the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients of the veggies and fruit and not using the fibers. This way it`s going fast into your bloodstream

Why juice?

Juicing is maybe something that is new to you, and the closest thing to juice before was the cartons in the store with orange- or apple juice. Well, a whole new world is about to open.

Health begins in the gut, and for a healthy lifestyle juicing is great!

Juicing is a perfect way to get loads of nutrients through your bloodstream in a short amount of time. This way you can squeeze in many of the 5-a-day recommendations into one glass.

Try to make a commitment to yourself, and consistently every morning start making yourself a fresh juice. These are then some of the benefits you can achieve:

* More energy and that extra boost

* Get your body to thrive!

* Stabilize your weight

* A natural glow and radiant skin

* Giving your cells a chance to repair and rebuild

How to juice

Basically, making juice is a simple process:

1. Get your ingredients and your juicer

2. Wash the ingredients and cut away nasty parts

3. Juice everything

4. Drink it

I made a YouTube video going over key points, as well as 5 healthy and tasty juicing recipes:

Some tips on your juicing journey:

* Drink the juice on an empty stomach

* Drink the juice right after making it

* Don’t mix too many sweet fruits and vegetables in the juice

* Chew before drinking it – stimulates the digestion process

* Rinse the juicer after making it – so much easier

* Juicing is NOT just juicing spinach and kale – rotate the ingredients.

Drinking juice together with a meal can cause heartburn and other symptoms of the body not digesting it in an optimal way.

Drink the juice within 15 min after making it. Why – continue to read…

Juicing sweet fruits should be kept to a minimum or close to nothing. Why? Well… Eating fruit is great, and it`s in a perfect balance. But when juicing, you pull out all the fibers, leaving you with too much natural sugar, which again will affect your insulin level, increase cravings, and potentially cause weight gain.

Chew your juice (and smoothie)! I know, it seems strange. But listen. If you start chewing or just moving it around in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it – it helps the digesting process. The body starts to release saliva and then produces digestion enzymes. Perfect!

Always rinse the juicer, it will save you from having to scrape it clean. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to clean the juicer, just throw away the pulp, fill the sink with warm water and a dash of soap and leave it there until you have time. That way it will leave you from needing to scrape the juicer clean if you leave it… Preparing the ingredients, the night before, can also be good if you know you will be short on time the next day. Just wash, cut, and put them in a Ziplock bag in the fridge. That way it`s just to pop them into your juicer in the morning.

In these juices, I have combined acidic and semi-acidic fruit together with superstar veggies. This combination works well together both in taste and in a way that helps you to digest the juice in a better way. Keep it clean – which complies in most ways of eating – and don`t mix too much together in the same meal. Combine ingredients that work well together.

When to juice?

Timing is everything…

Let me just emphasis – the FIRST thing to have in the mornings is water. As the body is losing a lot of water during the night, you need to get hydrated.

After water - having juice in the morning is perfect! Just don`t add other food to the meal.

As we are removing fiber (which is important for healthy digestion) juicing is not meant to be a meal replacement. Fiber can however be very filling and is limited how much we can consume. The juice is easier for the body to take up all the nutrients as it`s just liquid. Juicing is more like an appetizer, snack, or a great way to detox the body.

* Juice is best consumed on an empty stomach

* 30 min before a meal

* 2 hours after a meal

Having juice 30 minutes before a meal can also help you not to overeat or get cravings. It can also help you to digest what you have consumed in a proper way.

Juices should be consumed ideally before noon, on an empty stomach, and alone. This will get all the vitamins and minerals from the juice right into your bloodstream. Also – mixing juices with food can cause you to experience heartburn, digestion pains, etc.

If you however need something solid as well – having food which combines well to the juice is okay. Like if you are having a green veggie juice, having a solid veggie stick is fine since the same enzymes are used to digest it.

On the other hand – having juice and eating eggs… Well, those two have a different process to digest it, and you`ll most likely end up not breaking it down properly.

Drink the juice right after making it, as the live enzymes begin to degrade. It will basically decrease the nutritional value. You will also feel the kick in energy more when consuming the juice right after making it.

Drinking it within 15 minutes if you are using a centrifugal juicer. The centrifugal juicer is cutting the fibers and will start to oxidize faster.

A slow juicer will get even more of the nutrients out. It is also not cutting the fibers – which helps not to oxidize as fast. The juice can, therefore, be stored in an airtight container for 24-36 hours in the fridge.

Ingredients used, and some benefits:

I highly recommend you to get organic, and local ingredients whenever you can.


Among the most Nutrient-dense food on the planet Loaded with powerful antioxidants

Excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin K

Help promote good heart-health


Amazing to hydrate and depuff Perfect for summer Great for the skin and glow Mostly water – which is perfect for juicing Skin is high in nutrients

Beets Provides you with energy Impressively many nutrients! Can be helpful to improve blood flow Perfect for juicing as you get all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

Celery Supports digestion Alkalizing effect Reduces inflammation Rich in vitamins and minerals

Lemon Gives amazing flavor Aids digestion Vitamin C-source Promotes hydration Can improve skin quality

Carrots A bit sweet, so don`t consume it too often, and preferable in the mornings Good for your eyes Boost skin health and natural glow Can help to a good heart-health

Green Apples Helps to maintain good blood flow

Improves circulation and good for heart-health

Rich in vitamin K

Acid-fruit which can be well-combined with veggies


Good source of magnesium and potassium

Improves digestion

Fights infections and inflammations

Rejuvenates skin

Garlic Contains compounds with potent medicinal properties Highly nutritious

Can combat sickness like the cold

Can reduce blood pressure and promote good heart health


Unique phytonutrients

Health-promoting effects

Antioxidants and vitamin C

Leafy Parsley

Rich in vitamin A, C, and K

May improve bone health

Provides antioxidant effect


Healthiest spice

Beneficial for your brain and boy

Medicinal properties (Gingerol)

Helps for nausea

Mint Leaves

Rich in nutrients

May improve IBS and indigestion

Could improve brain function

Top 5 Juicing Recipes - perfect for summer:

Some of the ingredients are some getting used to. But they are sooooo good for you and will get you amazing nutrients and energy.

Sending you all so much love!



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