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Mango chia-pudding

Ice cream feeling for lunch... Yes, please!

This is one of my personal go-to-chiapuddings. It is absolutely delicious. Today I added some of my homemade granola which I made a couple of days ago.

Mango Chiapudding

⭐1 box coconut milk (normal, not light)

⭐2 tbs of chiaseeds ⭐1/2 squeezed lime juice ⭐1 inch fresh peeled ginger ⭐1 cup frozen mango

Mix everything up in a blender until blended perfectly and smooth. Add, if wanted, some granola or seeds.

A warm cup of tea also goes well together with this

One of many amazing benefits of waking up early is the mezmerising colors the winter mornings has... The picture is taken today, and the cold weather really enhanced the colors.. Enjoy 💕

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