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Smoothe bowl - taste of sunshine & love!

How would you like to enjoy a meal, that`s completely guilt free, but still packed with sooooo many tasty flavors and love. This meal taste so good, feels good and leave you full for a long time. And easy to make. Just amazing! You`ll need: a blender 1/2 lime 1 avokado  1 frozen mango (in pieces)  1 tbs chiaseeds  1 can coconutmilk .  Start adding liquids and the chia seeds. Let it sit for 10minutes to activate the chiaseeds, making the whole blend more smooth. Then add avokado, and at the end the frozen pieces of mango. You can also add a scoop of your greens, if you want an even more nutritional meal. . Sprinkel your smoothie bowl with homemade granola - and voila! 

Enjoy! While eating - try tuning in. Being mindful. Allowing yourself to really feel what`s going on internally. It`s amazing how eating different foods can activate feelings, state of being and hidden emotions. Know it is okay being vulnerable. It is okay being angry. It is okay being joyful. It is okay expressing love. And it is okay taking time for self love. .  Self love is so important. And not mistaking this with selfishness. For you to fully show up in this world, self love is absolutely necessary. Love all your weird sides - and fully embrace them. Have full confidence in all you do. Knowing everything is always in flow & harmony, and by contrast in life - your true desires are shown. Learn the lessons and love the process. It`s all a marathon of lessons - flow - ease and abundance. Just choose - which reality you live in. Choose self love. over and over again. x

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