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Foccacia with ancient grain

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

This foccacia is made with ancient, organic dinkel /spelt flour. It`s so soft and yummy! How to make it? Here is the recipe

Using ancient grains filled with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and not just empty calories... Well, that`s just what we want! Switching out wheat flour with ancient grain, like spelt, emmer, einkorn etc, can give you so many benefits.

Daily consumption of wheat flour can actually make you lack more energy, trick your brain into enhance any feeling of depression, and it will give you all those empty calories we are not exactly aiming for. It`s interesting how well connected food is linked to depression, anxiety and self worth. You truly deserve to fuel your body with the most amazing nutrients, love and goodies. So let`s get to it!

This Amazing Healthy Focaccia is absolutely such a treat! And this is how you make this:


The dough:

1 kg sifted flour – preferable ancient dinkel flour (can also mix half with buckwheat flour) 50 gram dried yeast 1 tbs raw honey 1 – 2 tbs raw sugar or sukrin 1 – 2 tbs himalayan- or sea salt 9 dl lukewarm water. Preferable alkaline, filtered water

Oil mixture

2 dl extra virgin, organic olive oil 1 tsp rosmary 1 tsp thyme 1 tsp oregano 1 tsp basil ~sundried tomtoes, olives and/ or feta cheese could also be good toppings~

How to:

Warm the water up to 37°C (bodytemp)

Mix the flour and the yeast, and sift it twice - or do the amazing trick with your Baloon Whip. Check out my YouTube video to see how. It will really make a difference to the end result. Making the bread more moist and fluffy.

Add sugar and salt Mix the honey into the water and add it while blending the dough. I use my Kitchen Aid blender so that the dough can get knead for a couple of minutes.

The end result should be very sticky, so don`t add more flour. That will end up making the focaccia dry. Let the dough raise for about an hour under a kitchen towel.

Prepare the baking pan - I just use the one who comes with the oven. Either use a nonstick paper, or grease the pan with butter.

After an hour – pour the dough into the large baking pan. Pour the oil mixture on top of the dough and use your fingers to make small holes in it.

Now let it raise for another 15 minutes.

Meanwhile – turn on the oven to 225°C

Let it bake for 15 minutes in the middle of the oven.

Much love

Enjoy! x

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