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Coconut bar with chocolate

These treats are easy and so good. They are perfect to store in the fridge. That way you can have a healthy snack whenever those cravings kick in.


1.25 dl coconut milk

2.5 dl coconut mass

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 ml vanilla extract

50 grams of melted 80 - 100% chocolate

a pinch of himalaya salt


- Mix coconut milk and coconut mass

- Pour into small muffin tins or similar.

- Set cold for one hour

- Melt the chocolate and pour on top of the coconut mixture

- Sprinkle some salt, nuts, goji berries, etc. on top of the chocolate.

- Set cold for another hour, or until everything has set

Coconut and chocolate are a perfect taste combo, as well as being filled with amazing benefits. With the dark chocolate, they are also LowCarb, which is perfect.

Go on, try them today!



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