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Fresh spring roles - magic from the East


I love a good spring role, and these are wrapped with paper-thin rice paper, making them super soft. As the traditional with filo paper in stores is made with wheat, I prefer the rice paper. The consistency will however be very different with this two wrappings. By using filo paper I would therefore suggest try making the dough from scratch. Can post a recipe later on this if you'll are interested. .

These I made with:

Grinded meat from sheep (can also make them vegetarian and switch the meat with shiitake mushrooms) Onion Carrots Garlic White cabbage Ginger Coriander Ricenudles Fry the meat, add salt, pepper and grinded coriander Cleanse, chop and add all the veggies in a food processor. Boil the Ricenudles in saltwater. Then just mix everything, and add also to some fresh coriander. When using the rice paper I have boiled water in a large enough dish with tall enough edges. I soak it for some seconds, place it on a clean kitchen towel, add some of the filling and wrap it.

It can either be eaten fresh like this. Or you can add some olive oil and bake them for 10-20 min in the oven. It's also possible to fry them in oil, but because of health aspects it's not the best option. It's actually really fast to make, and the kids love them. Of course they can be filled whatever you prefer, but this one is one of my favorite ones. Be safe, and sending you so much love. Enjoy! x #gratitude #rice #asian #springroles #healthyfood #love #appreciate #dinner #snack #justeat #food

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