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Dark days and light meals

In Norway during winter it's little light during the day and it's cold. This combination makes however so many majestic sunrises. Nature is truly awesome! Just look at that one pic. Almost as having a new painting outside my window every day. So #grateful!! For today's lunch I made tuna salad, served with amazing leafy greens, corn, sheep milk feta cheese, avocado and roasted chickpeas. Top it with some delicious olive oil. The tuna salad is prepared in a food processor. Mix up red onion, jalapeños, and pickles. Once fine grinded, add 1 can of tuna (without the water or oil it's in) and mix everything into a smooth paste. Add a bit of olive oil and some salt. Yummy!

The chickpeas is roasted on a hot frying pan with some coconut oil for cooking. Stir it a bit, and then add flavoring. You can use so many combinations, but today I added Himalayan salt, cumin, turmeric, and black pepper.

Sooo yummy.

Be #safe, have #fun and always in #gratitude

Enjoy 💕 X

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