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Salad in a jar. Oh, how I love them!!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Perfect when you're on the go....

Salad in a jar is basicly amazing to pre-make your lunch. I have some basic guidelines when eating a salad, and there is also some basic guidelines when packaging your salad jar; this is to make the juices even more juicy, and keeping the crisp to you sald. Noone likes soggy salad... Vegetables are basicly easier to break down when they are cooked. So I like my plate to contain both cooked veggies and raw. Basicly also because I love different tastes and textures in one meal, and also because it's easier on your digestion. Another thing is never to combine veggies and fruit. It's whole different process in your digestion to break those two categories down - using different enzymes. Some fruits are however a exception to that - more on that another time.

In a salad jar I like to layer it like this:

1. Dressing 2. Beans /protein 3. Chopped veggies (to marinate in the sauce a bit) 4. Cooked grains 5. Cooked veggies 6. Seeds / nuts 7. Raw veggies u want to remain crisp 8. Salad / leafy greens Then just shake it before eating, or flip everything over into a bowl. Salad combinations are endless.

In this jar I made a dressing of: - Olive oil - Apple cider vinegar - Dijon mustard - Onion powder - Salt - Pepper The layers I used today are: - Dressing - Chickpeas - Orange bellpepper - Quinoa - Cooked red onion - Cooked squash with basil - Pumkin-, sunflower-, and sesame seeds - Salad

Happy cooking, and enjoy. This jar is filled with amazing nutrients, protein and energy to keep you rocking the whole day. Much love


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