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Warm soup on a cold day

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

...or on warm days if you might be rocking life in the South.

The basic steps to make a soup is very easy.

1. Find you ingredients 2. Wash, peel and cut 3. Cook them 4. Mash them 5. Enjoy Before you start, find your ingredients, equipment and boil 1 liter of water in your kettle.

Main ingredients

pumpkin, chili, ginger, onion, and garlic.

Chop them in big chunks, and fry them a couple of minutes on low heat. I like frying it together with seasoning to really get the flavor out.

Spices I used:

coriander, curry, cumin, cardemomme.

Add some boiling water and let it simmer under a lid on low heat. Get your pumpkin ; peel, remove the seeds and chop it.

Add it in your pot, add the rest of the boiling water.

Add at this point a pich of Himalayan salt, and let it simmer on low heat under lid until everything is cooked. About 15 minutes will do.

When cooked, use a handblender to get a smooth texture.

Now add 1 box of coconut milk, stir and taste.

Adjust by adding some more salt if necessary. I served the soup with quinoa, chickpeas, salad and roasted pumpkin seeds. Mix it all up and enjoy the nutrients. Who will you invite over for soup today? Maybe sharing with family, friends, kids friends or just a silent moment in your own good company. Anyways - soup is always wonderful way of getting your body in balance. It will also be wonderful adding broth to this, healing your gut, so I'll make a post on that later. Enjoy

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